Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ahavas Olam

אַהֲבַת עוֹלָם תָּבִיא לָהֶם, וּבְרִית אָבוֹת לַבָּנִים תִּזְכּוֹר

"A love that is eternal may you bring them, and the covenant of the forefathers upon the children may you recall." (Musaf for Rosh Chodesh)

My good friend, Rav E. L. Shlit"a, shared some ideas with me that he saw from Rabbi Zev Leff Shlit"a, explaining the two concepts mentioned in this Tefilla, namely: Ahavas Olam (Eternal Love), and Bris Avos (Covenant of the Forefathers). The Dover Shalom (Rabbi Shalom Rokeach, the first Belzer Rebbe) speaks about how this Eternal Love is referring to the times of Mashiach when Hashem's love for us will clearly be seen once we are no longer in exile under the subjugation of other nations. He also adds that with this Eternal Love and the covenant with our forefathers, Hashem will make the Mizbe'ach (altar) in the 3rd Beis Hamikdash eternal; there will never again be a churban (destruction). Another famous pshat, also told over in the name of the Dover Shalom, is that this bris mentioned here is the Bris Bein Habesarim that Hashem had with Avraham avinu, a covenant stating that Avraham's children will be many and basically that Hashem will ultimately redeem them, among other things. Finally- it is important to note that although the Zechus Avos (Merits of our Forefathers) may have run out according to Chazal, the Bris Avos is a Bris Olam, an eternal covenant.
B'derech agav- I've been attending a Kiruv Training Seminar over the past few weeks and in discussing proofs that the Torah was divinely written, and not made up by some guy, this concept of Bris Olam was brought up. If someone was trying to make up a Torah for people to follow, and claim that it was given to them by G-d, why would they take a chance and write that the Jewish people will last as a nation forever? It's a huge risk! Not only that but the Torah
continues to say things contradicting that prediction! It says how the Jews will be scattered around the world, they will be hated and persecuted! If I were trying to convince people that the Jews would last forever, I would say the total opposite! How will they ever survive if they are constantly persecuted and thrown out of their land? So it's pretty clear that no one in their right mind would make something like that up. So, like Abie Rotenberg said: "It had to be Hashem." (And btw- not only is it totally ridiculous for someone to make these contradictory predictions up, the crazy thing is-it's exactly what happened!!! Just look at Jewish History! A proof that Judaism is the true religion is simply the fact that we are still around. It's absolutely Yad Hashem (the Hand of G-d)! (Find out more about this typa stuff at Aish.com and Kiruv.com)
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