Friday, April 4, 2008


דִּלְגַבֵּי עַבוֹדַת הַיוֹם זָרִיז הוּא

De'legabay avodas hayom zariz hu

"...Because with regard to the service of the day he is conscientious." (Yuma 70b)

[This Gemara is talking about a Kohen's avoda. This opinion being quoted is claiming that even if a Kohen has a big work load earlier in the day, we can still trust that he will do his duty later on in the day because "with regard to the service of the day he is conscientious."]

On the topic of Kohanim: In Parshas Tazriyah, it talks about someone that gets a negah (affliction), that is possibly tzara'as, on their skin. The Torah tells us that this person must go to a Kohen, and once the Kohen checks it out and declares it to be tzara'as, then and only then is it considered to be tzara'as. B'derech agav (as an aside) this just shows the koach (strength) the Torah gives to Kohanim; that the affliction is considered to be absolutely nothing until the Kohen says his declaration. But getting back to the matter at hand- Why is it that Hashem tells us to go to a Kohen if we are stricken with potential tzara'as? What is the reason behind this system in which the Kohen, and only the Kohen, can establish that someone actually has tzara'as?
We know that before someone gets tzara'as on his body for saying Lashon Hara, Hashem sends him warnings. First the tzara'as goes on the guy's house, and then on his clothing. THEN, if the person is still persistent in his evil ways of not using his speech properly, Hashem strikes his body with tzara'as. So we are obviously dealing with a pretty evil guy here; someone very set in his ways of bad speech. So how do we break someone like this? How do we drill into a person like this that what he is doing is so terribly wrong?(it is so wrong that its brought down that Lashon Hara is k'neged all of the 3 yaharog ve'al ya'avors!!!) -So Hashem made a system in which the person will be so humiliated, it will shatter him to the core. By having to go to the Kohen, the most chashuv, holiest guy around, this person is filled with such busha (embarrassment) that it knocks him down, and drives him away from his wrongful ways of inappropriate speech. We should all be zoche to work extremely hard on perfecting our speech. (Heard from Rav Josh Rubenstien Shlita)


Anonymous said...

How about yidden.

Unknown said...

knowthewords has changed my life forever and has brought me closer to Hashem Yisborach. Thank u knowthewords for having such an impact on my neshomah. Hashem should bless you with much brach and siyata dishmaya!
-funk masta flek

CR said...

Wow-yidden- ill see what i can do-

And funk masta-ur a dog

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to venture a guess as to WHY he chose these lyrics?! What do they add to the canon? NOTHING. But his name is Gabai. Funny, right?

Also, look at the way he sings it.

L'gabai avodas yom zariz hu

Avodas yom zariz lgabai.

Brilliant, right? Just translate it and you'll see how freakin' brilliant it is.