Sunday, October 26, 2014

Let's Try This Again...

Hello All.
It has been a while; too long. I am sorry for not responding to any comments/requests since forever ago. No excuses. Please be mochel me.
I am coming out from under my rock because I heard a new song the other night at a kumzitz with Yoseph Karduner that inspired me to try and get this blog rolling again. The song is called "Ve'Afilu Be'Hastara." It moved me in a deep way and it is a great song to get this blog going once more. No promises how often I will be able to post - but for now it is worth it just for this song. (Click here for the song's post)
This time around there will be a slightly different twist. While I will do my best to provide accurate words, translations, and sources as usual, I want you, in the comments section, to provide all of us with a vort/idea relevant to the words. It can be your own idea that you thought of as you were listening/reading, or an idea you heard from someone else; anything is fair game. Note: I reserve the right to leave comments as well :). 
We'll see where this goes but I think it can be a space for sharing some beautiful ideas and inspiring each other in the process.
B'hatzlacha Raba,
Ps. PLEASE leave comments with requests for other songs you would like to know the words to!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your translations. There is a lot of new kosher Jewish music which I could use help with the translation of. Are you able to help?

CR said...

Send your requests and I'll see what I can do!